• The first of its kind of technique in treating TM Joint ankylosis published in International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery by "Recon Face" team of doctors. This is the second only article in the world and first from India which establishes a novel technique of treating a complex problem of TM Joint ankylosis. You can access the article from this link http://authors.elsevier.com/a/1Q0hJ3C~br23wX or send an email to the corresponding author atabhinand.omfs@gmail.com for a copy of full text of the article

    Welcome to Recon Face

    “Recon Face” is a team of eight Facio Maxillary surgeons, started with the intent of bringing the best of treatment for various diseases, injuries or deformities afflicting the face, to your door step.

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    Give way to an ambulance campaign

    “Every life is precious.” Imagine an ambulance ferrying through the road on a busy traffic day with its alarms blaring……One day any one of us or any of our dear ones can be in it frustrated

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    What our patients say

    Patient success stories are mostly personal experiences of various people who have been provided care by our experienced team of doctors and medical staff and nurses.

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    1. What does “RECON FACE” mean?

    RECON FACE” represents reconstruction of face. This is the name of the team of maxillo facial surgeons who are involved in exclusively reconstructing faces which has been effected by various conditions like badly injured faces in road traffic accidents, persisting deformities of the face even after treating the

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