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    Reconface is the leading Underbite treatment hospital in Hyderabad. We have helped thousands of patients to smile again confidently.

    Advanced Underbite Treatment Available in Hyderabad with latest equipments and surgical methods

    Reconface provides consultative, diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients with conditions or diseases affecting the mouth, jaws, face and neck. Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a unique surgical speciality, and is generally considered a bridge between Medicine and Dentistry. The breadth and scope of the speciality are vast and ever-expanding.

    The division provides a full range of outpatient and inpatient services. The department treats patients of all age groups and provides comprehensive pathological, functional and cosmetic surgical services to the patients.We collaborate with other specialities when needed.

    Department of oral & maxillofacial surgery at Reconface believes in a holistic approach to health and is committed to excellence. We also believe in patient-centred and personalized care.

    What is an Underbite?

    An underbite is a dental condition where the lower teeth sit further than the upper teeth. This condition is classified as Class III malocclusion and causes pain and discomfort. Many even feel conscious of the underbite which affects their confidence level. Some cases of underbite are mild and nearly unnoticeable while others are quite severe where the lower teeth extend far forward.It is more than just a cosmetic issue. Severe cases require treatment as they may cause oral health problems like:

    Mouth and face pain due to jaw misalignment

    Difficulty in biting and chewing

    Challenges with speaking

    What are the Treatment Options Available?

    1. Underbite for toddlers and children

    If your child has a severe underbite, especially if it’s caused by a birth defect such as cleft lip, early surgery may help. Talk to your child’s dentist and doctor to see what course of treatment they recommend. Surgery has its risks and should only be used in children when underbite is interfering with their quality of life or ability to eat, breathe, or speak.

    2. Underbite surgery for teenagers and adults

    Maxillofacial surgeons can successfully correct underbite problems. Several common types of surgery to correct underbite include reshaping to lengthen the upper jaw or shorten the lower jaw. The jaws in their new position will be fixed to heal with the aid of wires, titanium plates and screws. Surgery comes with some minimal risks which may include those associated with general anesthesia, infection, bleeding problems, and scarring.

    What is the Procedure of Underbite?

    Orthognathic surgery to correct underbite is generally not recommended until the jaw growth is complete. It is only recommended in situations where one’s quality of life is severely affected in the form of difficulty in speech, breathing or chewing food.

    Maxillofacial surgeons can correct underbite problems by performing orthognathic surgery. This procedure involves bringing the upper jaw forwards or taking the lower jaw backwards or combination of both the procedures. The jaws which are moved to new positions are generally fixed with the help of titanium plates and screws.

    What After the Surgery of Underbite?

    This surgery comes with very minimal risks which are usually associated with general anaesthesia and some bleeding, infection or scarring issues. After the surgery you might have to stay in the hospital for 2-4 days so that your maxillofacial surgeon can monitor the results. You might have to wear some elastics on your teeth to hold your jaws together for a period of one month after surgery. Healing usually takes about a month to 6 weeks.

    Best Underbite Surgeons in Hyderabad


    My father was diagnosed with oral cancer last year and underwent surgery for it at Premier Hospital headed by Dr Ritesh Rajan, Dr Abhinand and their team Recon Face last year. The team not only removed the cancer part but also reconstructed the mouth so well that he can do all his activities as if nothing happened. They did this reconstruction called microvascular reconstruction by taking skin from his hand. It’s been almost 16 months now and by looking at him there are no signs of any such major surgery. Not even a single scar visible anywhere on his face and he is fully active and back to his routine life style. We are very happy that he is now completely cured of his oral cancer and our immense thanks to team Recon Face.

    Mr Somanath

    I have come here for a maxillofacial surgery. I had a problem with an open bite and my lower jaw was protruding. After the maxillofacial surgery, I feel there is a significant change in the way I look. Earlier when someone asked me to smile, I used to become very conscious and I used to find it hard to smile. I am very happy with the way I look and smile. It is just not the way I look. Before coming here, I was already going through an orthodontist treatment somewhere else which was continuing around 4-5 years. But I found no significant change. Now once I visited Dr. Abhinand and his team. He advised me to undergo the surgery and two months after the maxillofacial surgery, I feel that I made the right choice by doing it.

    Miss Arman Saaniya

    Had undergone the cyst removal surgery for my Jaw, in a year of time I had totally recovered, thanks to Abhinandan sir.
    Dr. Abhinandan is incredible. He’s very understanding and listens to your concerns. He takes time with the patient to help them with their health issues! and care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care
    I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a Dental specialist.

    Madhu Kishore


    Do Underbites get worse?2022-03-24T13:17:00+00:00

    As a child ages, the underbite usually becomes worse with age, particularly during the growth spurt that occurs in the early teenage years (9-14). After this growth spurt, the growth of the jaw becomes stable and stops around mid-teenage years for females and late teenage years for males.

    What happens if underbite is left untreated?2022-03-24T13:16:32+00:00

    If left untreated: Underbites usually result from either undergrowth of the upper jaw, overgrowth of the lower jaw, or both. If not corrected, teeth may not be able to function properly and can lead to painful TMJ/TMD issues.

    What problems can underbite cause?2022-03-24T13:15:54+00:00

    An underbite can cause wear and tear on your front teeth. This makes them more prone to chipping or breakage. You might also struggle with chewing food when your jaw isn’t aligned properly. People with underbites might be self-conscious about the condition

    What does Underbite Surgery do?2022-03-24T13:15:26+00:00

    Teeth will become easier to clean. Your risks for tooth decay and gum disease will decrease. You’ll also feel less strain on your teeth, jaws, and facial muscles. This can reduce your risks of breaking a tooth and also painful symptoms of temporomandibular disorders, which are common with underbites. More significant is that one’s facial profile changes and boosts self confidence and self esteem. 

    Does Underbite Surgery hurt?2022-03-24T13:14:57+00:00

    With Underbite surgery, the amount of pain that you’ll have varies; however, according to patient testimonials and experiences states that pain is minimal to moderate. The intensity of pain, at any level, usually lasts for about 36 to 72 hours.

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